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Actos lawsuit Update

Actos lawsuit Update

Actos lawsuits came about when drug maker of Actos failed to warn people of its health risk. Since Actos was introduced in the market for diabetes type 2 treatments in 1990s. Actos was prescribed by doctors to many patients with type 2 diabetes. Although the drug is effective against diabetes, medical studies showed a relationship between the Actos drug and a series of serious threatening side effects that included heart attacks, liver damage, heart failure, and most recently bladder cancer.

What is Actos?

Actos is a diabetes type 2 drug produced by Takeda Pharmaceutical. Eli Lilly & Co. was the contacted to market and supply this drug in the US between early 2000 and sometime in 2006. Both companies’ have been conjoined in the Actos lawsuits for the injuries caused by the drug prescribed.

Why so many Actos Lawsuits?

Its alleged that the drug company did not warn the public of the adverse health risks of Actos. Lately, over 1000 lawsuits are still pending in the US federal courts. The numbers for Actos lawsuit keep going up due to wide spread exposure to the drug.

At around mid 2011, the FDA released a safety alert announcing that the use of Actos longer than a year increases the probability of falling victim to bladder cancer by more than 40 percent. From about August 2011, a number of users have filed claims across several US states. Consequently, a judicial panel was formed. It decided that all Actos lawsuits be transferred to the United States District Court of Louisiana. The court was used as the main location for sorting out genuine cases and handling lawsuit litigation.

Actos Multi Litigation

A Multi District Litigation gave the courts a way to handle people with lawsuits that were similar. Through a Multi District Litigation, one federal judge is given all pre-trial proceedings to handle. Then the respective district judges handled the cases for trial.

In the Actos lawsuit  class action involving people with the same claim was preferred, and court approval in that regard was sought. The claimants are not forced to be part of the class actions. One is given a choice to file cases separately.

Rightful Actos compensation

The lawsuit wants people to be compensated for harmful effects of drug. Other people want to hold companies accountable and warn others of the harmful effects and consequences of Actos. In the lawsuits, many people say they would have never taken Actos had they known its connection to cancer of the bladder. Actos users who developed bladder cancer may be entitled to medical expenses compensation, lost wages, pain and suffering.

In May 2013, in L.A Superior Court jury, a man was awarded $6.5 million. This was after he developed bladder cancer. He had taken Actos for four years.

Another  Actos lawsuit, a woman aged 54 years from Reading, who had used the drug for over ten years, had been diagnosed with recurrent bladder cancer.
In another lawsuit, a warehouse worker aged 57 years from New York is to undergo numerous surgeries after he was found to have bladder cancer. He had taken the drug for over five years.
Also, families of people who succumbed to Actos related diseases and complications may be considered for similar compensation.


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